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every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

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Since February 1, 2010

::a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter collaborative writing effort::

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
Watch scriptooc and extendedscript for more hints and details.

1. As of right now, we are not taking on any new writers. This is not to say we never will. In the event that we do, all current writers will vote upon the proposed application. Majority will rule.

2. Posts with good grammar and spelling are preferred. Please use your spell-check.

3. Constructive criticism is welcome. Flames will not be tolerated. Please be courteous and respectful of your fellow comm members and of the writers, readers and watchers. You can disagree with what someone says or does, but keep it civil. Disrespectful or nasty discussion will lead removal from the comm.

4. This is a crossover story. Some events in canon have been changed to suit the game. There's no need to point out that we are flouting canon. We know. Our timeline even denotes some of these changes in canon.

5. Story suggestions are encouraged, but will be taken as such - SUGGESTIONS.

6. Comments are not allowed to posts in the actual comm, but feel free to post away in the ooc comm. Use your best judgement on what to post to the comm. If all you have to say is "that was good", we are pleased and appreciate it, but you probably don't need to make a whole post about it. Just go and leave it as a review at the archives on Twisting the Hellmouth.

7. Only Scriptificus-related posts are allowed. Any posts containing spam or any other subject matter will be deleted. This includes advertising other communities or journals on LJ.

8. Do not come late to the party and ask what is going on or what you have missed while away. That's what the archives are for. Read and catch up.